Fun, Engaging, and Motivational Content to Inspire Health in your Workforce

A Year In Wellness

A La Carte Menu of Services

Lunch and Learn

1 Hour fun-filled lecture on a variety of health and wellness topics, such as stress management, ergonomics, and health-related issues. Starting at $495/class.

Stretch and Learn

15 min/5 days week – Guided stretches and movements at your desk to reinvigorate your workday, paired with health tips. Starting at $495/week.

Movement Classes

Group Fitness and Mindfulness Classes. Starting at $250/class, Various class lengths are available.

Nutrition and Food
Oriented Programs

Nutritional guidance, virtual meal prep, cooking classes and 6-Week Nutrition Program. Fees upon request.

Office Health Coaching

Working with you and your staff throughout the week on diet, nutrition, fitness, rehab, and more. Employees would be able to set appointments for anything related to health and wellness fees upon request.

Motivational Speaking

Adita inspires her audiences to lead healthy lifestyles through relatable life stories and EASY to implement tips and habits. Starting at $2,500/engagement.

All Service Options


Adita brings her audiences a fresh approach to making healthy habits a part of each day. Any event needs a spark, to keep the audience engaged and leave with a great takeaway. With essential topics such as Stress Management and Immune Function, Adita provides real-life examples and solutions in such an entertaining way to make your next event successful.