Upgrade your Health for Success through
Health Coaching and Corporate Wellness

I work with individuals and companies by providing engaging health education, programs, and coaching for overall health and wellbeing.

It’s time to make this “health thing” seamless!

What’s the biggest issue for you, your family, or your team?

These are all directly related to stress levels, overall health, food choices, and movement. Finding the right combination to fit easily into the day needs a customized approach, and a bit of education for true success.

I provide fun presentations, through corporate wellness, and health coaching to inspire healthy habits. My goal is to offer doable solutions through education, stories, and everyday health tips, all while focusing on the 4 pillars of health (Exercise & Movement, Food & Nutrition, Sleep & Relaxation, and Happiness)

No more health confusion!

This is where you take charge of your health. Learn how to easily implement healthy habits seamlessly into the craziest of days.

Reduce sick days

Lifes too short to be sick! Boost the immune system, through proper food choices, movement, quality sleep, and stress reduction.

Lower body fat and increase muscle mass

Make wiser food choices and incorporate movement throughout the day. Not to mention, you become a calorie burning machine!

Boost your health from the inside out

Move with intention, reduce stress, and eat for the performance of your day. I'm here to teach you how to slip in healthy habits without thinking about it!

Hi I’m Longevity Coach, Adita Yrizarry- Lang

After 40+ years of training fitness professionals, health coaching, and helping groups and organizations fine tune their corporate wellness programming, I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to maximizing health for long term results.

Believe it or not, it’s hardly ever about counting calories, macros, or fad workouts – It’s about understanding the 4 pillars of health and creating the right plan that works with an individual’s goals, lifestyle, and current health.

I’ve heard every excuse in the book, this is why I am so passionate about educating my clients about health, food, movement, and more.  All to instill better daily habits that translate to a long life of wellness!

If you’re ready to discover the simple health strategies that will help you, your family, or your team gain more energy, reduce sick days, and feel overall amazing, let’s get started.

Let’s make healthy living a doable part of the day.


"Dinner time became mentally and physically exhausting. Trying to prepare meals for one with sensitivities and one who refuses to "eat anything green"... was pushing me to my breaking point. Thanks to Adita, and her awesome material, I am enjoying dinners with the family, and the kids are finally getting sound nutrition."

Keith Cannon
Super Dad

Adita truly goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients receive the best possible care and support. I am forever grateful for Adita’s contribution to my life and the lives of so many others.

Alonzo Sanches,
Impact Change

Adita has successfully delivered numerous heath education seminars and webinars for Cigna Clients over the past several years. She continually receives positive feedback on her presentations and knowledge in various health and wellness topics. She is an engaging and dynamic speaker, and a pleasure to work with.

Juliet Romero Tabbara
M.S.FMCHC, Holistic Health Educator

Here’s what you receive

Working with clients worldwide-virtually or in-person in both Miami-Dade and Wellington, Florida

Locationa:  2420 brickell Ave Miami, Fl 33129 and 13524 Fountain View Blvd Wellington, FL 33414