Introducing Adita Lang, Corporate Wellness Provider

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Corporate Wellness Provider?

Hey there, fellow health promoter! They say life’s a journey, and with over 40 years clocked in the health and fitness arena, I’ve certainly been on a wild ride!

Can you believe I kicked off my fitness career spinning VINYL records in group exercise classes? Yup, you heard that right – talk about a blast from the past! Since then, I’ve been hustling, from training up new fitness pros to gracing the stages of universities like NC State and Cal State, even dropping knowledge bombs at big shots like Microsoft and FedEx. I’ve basically been laying down the foundation for fitness education worldwide!

At one point, I found myself providing corporate wellness by lecturing for insurance companies on a myriad of health topics. But let me tell you, those presentations were drier than a rice cake! It was all about statistics, statistics, and more statistics. Talk about a snooze-fest! But hey, I’m not one to back down from a challenge. So, I decided to sprinkle in my own secret sauce – a pinch of humor, a dash of relatable stories, and voila! Suddenly, we had engagement, laughter, and most importantly, actionable takeaways that left the audience buzzing with excitement.

Drawing from my own experiences and those of my corporate wellness clients, I’ve seen it all – every excuse under the sun! But I’ve turned those roadblocks into steppingstones, crafting presentations that spark “aha” moments left and right.

And hey, my education journey? It’s been a rollercoaster too! From being one of the first certified personal trainers with big names like ACE and NASM, to diving deep into Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami and finishing strong with a side of Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Medicine – I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt!

Nowadays, I’m all about bringing the fun and facts to every audience I meet. Whether it’s inspiring, motivating, or dishing out actionable tips for a healthier lifestyle, I’ve got you covered!

Oh wait…let’s talk about making life easy for you. I’m all about flexibility – whether it’s working within your budget, tailoring a lecture or program to your needs, or holding your hand every step of the way to ensure we knock it out of the park with your wellness programming. Let’s make health and fitness not only achievable but downright enjoyable!

Corporate Wellness with

“The human body is designed to move with ease, live with enthusiasm, and play at any age”


Who are Your Clients??

Let me paint a picture of my incredible corporate wellness clients – they’re the real MVPs of the workplace! From savvy Company Owners to dynamic Event Planners, they’re the brains behind the operation, constantly striving to create a workplace that’s not just productive, but downright uplifting. Picture this: HR Directors who are like the conductors of a well-oiled wellness orchestra, orchestrating programs that nourish both body and soul. And let’s not forget the Wellness Program Directors, the true champions of employee well-being, leading the charge towards healthier habits and happier teams.

Together, we’re on a mission to turn office spaces into vibrant hubs of vitality, where every step taken towards wellness is a step towards a brighter, more energized workforce.

If you’re nodding along thinking, “That’s us!” – well, friend, you’re in the right place! Let’s join forces and elevate your corporate wellness game to new heights. Because with these rockstar clients by my side, the sky’s the limit – and the workplace? It’s never felt more alive!

What makes you different from other "Health and Wellness Coaches"?

So, what sets me apart from the sea of health coaches out there? Well, let’s start with the basics: education and experience. With over four decades entrenched in the health and fitness world, my journey is more like a saga. From the sweaty vinyl days of group exercise to lecturing at esteemed universities and corporate giants, I’ve seen it all and then some. But what truly fuels my fire? It’s my unwavering passion for helping others unlock their healthiest selves. I’m not just here to spout facts and figures – I’m here to infuse laughter, because let’s face it, life’s too short not to have a chuckle or two on the journey to wellness. That’s why I bring the funny to the table, making health and fitness feel less like a chore and more like a joyful adventure.

But wait, there’s more! Unlike your run-of-the-mill health coach, I’m all about action. Sure, I’ll entertain you with a joke or two, but I won’t leave you hanging. I offer tangible, doable action items that you can implement right away. Because let’s be real – what good is knowledge without action?

Now, for the coordinators out there – I’ve got your back. I make life easy, plain and simple. Whether it’s customizing a program to fit your needs, working within your budget, or holding your hand every step of the way, consider me your wellness wingman. Together, we’ll navigate the wellness landscape with ease, ensuring your journey towards healthier, happier employees is smooth sailing. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Let’s embark on this wellness journey together, and make a difference, one laugh and one healthy habit at a time.

Whay types of companies would not benefit from your services?

In my work with corporate wellness clients, I’m committed to delivering results that truly make a difference. That’s why I take a thoughtful approach to selecting clients who will benefit most from my programs, ensuring that everyone involved gets the most out of our partnership.

My corporate wellness programs aren’t just about ticking boxes or following a generic plan—they’re about creating meaningful change, and engagement, within your organization. If you’re looking for quick fixes without a genuine commitment to the process, my coaching may not align with your goals. Similarly, if your team members are dealing with deeper issues that require specialized support, I’m more than willing to collaborate with other professionals to ensure they receive comprehensive care.

From my experience, the relationship between health and productivity often reflects broader challenges within the workplace culture. If your organization isn’t ready to address these underlying issues as part of your health and wellness initiatives, then my programs may not be the best fit for you at this time. And that’s perfectly okay—we all navigate corporate challenges differently.

However, when your company is prepared to tackle these obstacles head-on and invest in the well-being of your employees, I’ll be here to provide guidance and support every step of the way. Let’s discuss how we can work together to create a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace—I’m committed to keeping it real and ensuring that your organization sees tangible results from our partnership.