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5 Tips to Make YOU Superhuman…BAM!

I was recently in a coaching session, and guess what?? I wasn’t the coach, someone else was, gotta love that. Anyways, I have been working on my next project for over a year now and it’s time to “make it happen”, “move it forward”, but as so many of us do, I have stepped into my own way and slowed down my momentum.

When I first wrote SuperPowers, A Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Happiness. I wrote it with the intention of helping all of my friends and family that were struggling with the “hamster wheel of life”, juggling of way too many things at one time.  Not to mention, the over extending that we all do to please others.  Little did I know that my own book would cycle around for me to follow as well.  We all go through the eb and flow of life and sometimes we just need a bit of an eye opener to get us back on track.

When life pushes you in the wrong direction, you have 2 choices, complain and whine or ramp up your powers to Superhuman potential, and I choose the later!

So after a good hour of my venting, came enlightenment, and regrouping (ok, maybe not exactly like that, but that was my interpretation of this coaching session) she changed the way I looked at all of it.

Yes, you heard it correct, after I spilled out my guts to my coach, and what I hoped to be my new best friend, she sat back, thought for a brief moment and then let me have it. Well, not really, I thought for sure she would give me the old adage…you are overworked and stressed, instead she just smiled and said “you are in the midst of a Superhuman experience, enjoy it and grow from it”. OMG that did not come out of her mouth…oh yes it did! Then she guided me to the Zen section of MY BOOK!  Ha, gotta love that.

When you look at all of the crazy in your day and you’re not too sure of how to get it all done, or if it’s even worth your while, take a moment and think of these 5 tips:

1. Do something for yourself everyday! Yup, even if it is only for 5 minutes. That time dedicated to YOU will help recharge your battery and provide clarity in your thoughts and feelings.

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2. Processed foods, heavy foods, and junk will only slow you down and fog up your brain. Foods have a direct relationship to how you feel and think and when we are at our most disheveled selves, we need all the clarity we can get. Focus on good quality foods with minimal, to no processing.

3. Make sleep a priority – Did you know that we physically recuperate during the first half of the night, and mentally recuperate during the second half? Oh yes, if you are traversing your day with a lack of sleep night after night, your physical and mental recover are getting the short end of the stick.

4. Surround yourself with positive chatter. One of my new obsessions is listening to motivational YouTube videos every morning as I am getting ready for my day. It’s a meditation of sorts, that charges me up for anything that gets in my way. Check out my favorites HERE (and be sure to join my channel while you are there).

5. GET HELP – I don’t necessarily mean a coach or therapist, I mean someone to help you do the tasks that you hate doing. What’s a few buck for a few minutes of sanity. You deserve it, I know that’s hard to digest but yes…YOU DESERVE THE HELP. I know we think we can do it all, but guess what, no one will look down at us for asking for a helping hand.

Remember you control your day, your time, your thoughts, your actions, YES YOU!

We try to toss it over to others, but at the end, it all comes from us. The mean man that yelled at us in the store made us mad, not by what he said, it was all by how we interpreted it. Take responsibility for everything in your world and things will start to have new meaning, and your Superhuman Powers will amp up and lead you to your next adventure, Enjoy the ride.

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