Growing an Adult from Scratch

Kids Snacks that rock!

“Feed your kids nutrient dense foods and they will reap the benefits of amazing growth and development!”

Food for your kids needs to be packed with nutrients, protein, and quality fats.  Nutrients for growth and development, and fat and protein to stabilize blood sugars and maintain mental alertness and focus.  Here are some fun treats that “hide” some of the best parts – Your kids will find them tasty and you will find them powerful!

Kale Chips

Print this Recipe Here's what you'll need: 1 Bunch Organic Kale, stalk removed and roughly chopped 1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Celtic Sea... read more

No-Bake Vegan Brownies

Print this Recipe Here's what you'll need 2 Cups Rolled Oats 1 Cup Raw Cashews 8 Dates, pitted 1/3 Cup Raw Cocoa Powder ¼  teaspoon Celtic... read more

Ants in a Log

Print this Recipe An ideal snack at any age incorporates a fruit or vegetable with a good quality protein. This combination... read more

Zucchini Muffins

Print this Recipe As seen in my book SuperPowers of the Family Kitchen on p.136 Here's what you'll need: 3 Cups Fresh Zucchini,... read more

Avocado Power Snack

Print this Recipe Here's what you'll need 1 Large Collard Green Leaf 1/2 Avocado 3 Tbsp Hemp Hummus 2 Slices of Tomato or better yet... read more

Date Butter

Print this Recipe Date Butter is one of those amazing treats that can help satisfy any sweet tooth while providing great... read more

Hummus Pizza

Print this Recipe A great snack can keep you satisfied until your next meal. Not to mention that foods that provide... read more

Fruit Pops

Print this Recipe This is a fun filled wild card. Remember your kids will love them if they are sweet, but... read more

Chicken Salad Wrap

Print this Recipe Here's what you'll need: Cooked Organic Chicken Avocado Celtic Sea Salt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortilla   Make it Shred the chicken... read more